Monday, 31 December 2012

How To Remove Facebook Timeline

This is a browser tips ,so if you have enabled Timeline in your profile it will be visible to all your friends but you will still see your old profile i.e Timeline will be disabled only in your browser.

Facebook hasn’t launched the Timeline for Internet explorer 7 or earlier versions .So,by switching the user agent to IE 7 

your Timeline gets automatically disabled.

Follow Below Steps for do this....

First Open your Firefox browser and install User Agent Switcher Addon in it.

Once it has installed, Restart your browser.

  1.  Navigate to Tools>> Default User Agent>> Internet 

Now login to your Facebook Account and open your Profilepage.Now it will open in the older layout but you may get additional white spaces in it . To remove these spaces just install FB Purity Extension in your browser.

That’s it :) Just refresh and your old profile layout is back!!