Saturday, 18 May 2013

Hi folks. If you are also get bored with the Old facebook login page like me and want to get rid off it then keep reading. By using a simple extension you can put any image as background of facebook login page

This trick works only on Google chrome. Sorry to other browser users but I promise to bring this trick

 for Firefox users sooner.
Just follow the simple steps to configure your page:
  • Download the FB refresh extension from Chrome web store. click here.
  • select Add to Chrome. It'll automatically get attach with your chrome.
  • Now reopen your browser and go to You'll see the default image as background.

Don't you like this default image..?? Yeah you can replace it with an Image of your choice. Keep reading folks...
  • go to an image hosting site. I would suggest you to use Picasa or Flickr
  • There upload your image and copy its URL
  • In you chrome browser click on settings > Tools > Extensions then onFB refresh select option you'll see something like this.

  • Now enter your URL in the box which you copied on step 5 and click save.
Finally you are DONE. Just reopen the browser to see the changes. Enjoy your new Facebook login page.
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Stay tuned for more tricks.